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 Frequently Asked Questions
 Most Common Questions

1) How do I get access to Office Depot Business services?
Just complete the registration process.
2) I have questions, who do I ask?
Complete the email form and Rob Miller will respond back.

3) How do I get a current catalog?
Catalogs are offered to our customers free of charge.  You can request a catalog with your next supply order, use the item number printed on back of the catalog cover. Here is a list of some of our current catalogs.

 Website and Online Access Questions

4) What is the website address to access the Business Website?

5) Can I use my iPhone or Android phone with Office Depot Business Solutions (BSD) website?
Yes, here is a Mobile App Guide

6) With so many passwords I have to remember, I forgot which one I use for Office Depot Business Website for online ordering. How can I find out my password?
Just go to our website www.business.officedepot.com and click on “Forgot your login name/password?” or "Trouble Logging in?"  If you need additional support, contact our  Technical Support at 800.269.6888
7) I’m in the Office Depot Business Website and I want to know more on how to use the site; example: set up a Custom Shopping List, what do I do?
Click on the Customer Service link and go through each step of the set up for this or almost any other procedure on the Office Depot Business Website. 
8) What is the difference between a cart and a list?
The shopping cart is used for purchases you are making right away. The custom shopping list feature is used to create lists of commonly ordered items for future reference. You may have multiple lists on your account.
9) How do I return or exchange an item ordered on Office Depot Business?
You can call customer service at 888.263.3423 or returns can be processed online, just locate and open your order, select "Begin Return" next to the add to list button.

10) While completing my registration, I get an error after submitting that says "User ID already exists.", what do I do?
Try a different Login Name. We have millions of users on our websites and someone or you may already be using this one on a different account.
 Store Purchasing Questions
11) When I shop at Office Deopt or OfficeMax how do I get my discounts?
Just present the cashier with your Store Purchase Card or Registered Credit Card.  Please do not use reward cards or coupons as this will block the business pricing at the register.  You will receive the business price or store price if lower at the register.

Get a guide on how to use the Mobile Store Purchase Card for iPhone and Android phones
Get a guide to register your P-Cards (Visa, MC, Discover, AMX, ect); Requires "Super User" access
12) How do I know my business pricing while shopping in Office Depot or OfficeMax stores?
Have a smart phone? Use our Mobile App as you can scan or key items into the app and get your business pricing.
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